We could tell you we're bold, bright and beautiful….but would you believe us? But we can tell you that we've turned the world of confectionery upside over. SINCE WHEN? Since the moment we decided to transfer years of research, studies and hard work from our network of specialised shops (opened way back in 1989 - this is the Internet age and ten years are a great deal of time!-) to the shelves of today's stores (supermarkets, department stores, chain stores). IT WASN'T TOO HARD! We updated the shapes, flavours and packaging of our products. We chose tidier racks. We made our sweets more appealing by means of brighter, funnier packs at reasonable prices. HOW DID WE MANAGE IT? We believe in our work, we can count on a great team, we have a knack for choosing the right product.EQUIPMENT We were among the first in Italy to launch the counter top confectionery rack, which has now become standard equipment for selling confectionery. We believe that an orderly and homogeneous display unit gives the best results. In particular, it offers the following advantages: - optimising use of space: 50% more products presented - if compared to the same space in baskets; - maximising profits: the amount of sales per linear metre is drastically increased; - offering complete assortments: this system multiplies products offered and improves the service offered to customers (you will become specialists of the sector)


Blister packages once contained nails, screws, bolts, light bulbs… We have filled them with sweets, liquorice, lolly pops, salted snacks... A SUCCESS! Maybe it's because they maintain the product fresh and crispy. Maybe it's because they prevent the product sticking together or getting crushed. Maybe it's because they are attractive and appealing. Maybe it's because they're easy to display. Maybe it's because they don't break. Maybe it's because we can print all the information customers want on the back. It may be for either one or all of these reasons, but the idea has been a success, a big success! Resources invested in technology, packaging e marketing have never been so rewarding…It was worth it!PRODUCTS: - organic products - blisters - blisters with two flavours - candy & curiosity - characters & licences - gadgets with sweets - lolly pops - pure liquorice - marshmallows - party products - party snacks - crisps - strips


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