Globalisation and the growth of new technology in the field of communications has made it easier to retrieve the materials necessary for production, thus offering the possibility of purchasing products at competitive costs. Bredi S.r.l. has been selling electronic components for over 10 years. Being aware of the changes underway, the company has established an office with its own executive in Taiwan, a country that can offer the widest range possible of electronic components. By working directly with makers, this establishment offers a capillary research service, which is fundamental for providing technical and purchasing offices a selection of the best quality components at the best prices.


Equipment: harmful fume extraction systems, protection against electrostatic discharges, welding and weld removal stations – reworking accessories and equipment, equipment and tools for wire wrapping electronics, automatic fluid batching systems.Cables, wiring and accessories: cables for electronic components – screened cables – data transmission cables, customised cables for electronic components, sheaths and accessories for wiring.Components: components for electronic equipment made of ceramic material - EMI filters – chip components for SMT assembly, relays for any use, cermet and carbon trimmers with various accessories, quartz – oscillators - filters.Connections: standard and SMD connection systems; standard, miniaturised and SMT assembled connection systems.Mechanical components and dissipaters: mechanical parts for electronic equipment - racks and standard containers – customised equipment – customised dissipaters.Identification systems: complete solutions for identification - labels - printers - software.


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