BEST MOTOR s.r.l. was established in 1990 by technicians of consolidated experience in the electrical and mechanical fields. The factory has quickly increased its production capacity, thus achieving a range of more than 1.000 different models, also thanks to constant research and development through advanced technologies and technical assistance for special motors conceived according to customers’ specifications. Our products are meant for the industrial handling sector, especially for forklift trucks, but we also produce prototypes for the development of new interesting markets such as electric cars, boats, etc. The company activities are characterised by an efficient quality system in conformity with the International Standard ISO9001 , which envisages tests for all production stages from the planning phase up to final tests on each motor. Our global quality system and the customers’ satisfaction are the goals that qualify our company and products for international reputation.


BEST MOTOR s.r.l. Project & Production of motors and electric pump D.C. For fork-lift trucks and electric vehicles Power from 350 W to 30 KW insulation class H (180 °C)The complete range of production is available in standard model series excitation besides the new technology separated excitation S.E.M, accompanied by technical documentation inclusive of mechanical drawing, exploded view and spare parts list, test report and curves that feature the motor electrical values including diagrams of current and capacity of electric pumps. The Technical Office give qualified assistance being supported by advanced electronic equipment in line with hard test trials and the simulation of different tasks.Range of products : - TRACTION MOTORS FOR TRUCKS - ELECTRIC PUMPS FOR FORK-LIFT AND STEERING - GEARED MOTORS IN PERMANENT MAGNETS - S.E.M. MOTORS FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES - S.E.M. MOTORS FOR BOATS - MOTORS WITH THERMAL AND BRUSH WEAR SENSOR - MOTORS WITH FOOT MOUNTING AND ELECTROBRAKE - PROTOTYPES PROJECTED ON CUSTOMER SPECIFICATIONS


We have the European distributor that give technical-commercial assistanceATECH Gmbh GEWERBEPARK LINDACH D7 84489 BURGHAUSEN (D)S.P.I. VLIITSEWEG 232 7317 AN APELDOORN (NL)URMA RUE DE MORVAN 30 SILIC 503 94623 RUNGIS CEDEX (F)ISOCON AG NEUGUTSTRASSE 52 8600 DUBENDORF (CH)


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