On the hills around Castelvetro, Azienda Agricola Manicardi, has lain for almost half century, with his own 25 hectares of vineyards located in a suggestive landscape. The best quality grapes here produced play a leading role to get a product able to satisfy the most demanding palates that has been always the primary target. Balsamic vinegars, wines and liquors are produced with passion in the respect of the oldest traditions , for this reason Manicardi is a syninym of quality in Italy and all over the world.


Balsamic vinegars of Modena and doc wines are produced using only our own grapes , and every production stages, from the grape-harvest , the cooking of the musts and the aging for the vinegars, that happens inside small casks made of different woods like oak, cestnut, mulberry, cherrywood and juniper, and put to ripen in hot garrets),up to the bottling stage, are effected into the company. (Manicardi balsamic vinegars are available in simple or elegant bottles, as crystal and gift box, with different capacities of 250 ml, 500 ml or 1 litre. We offer different grade of aging, from 5 up to 25 years, to meet the requirements of every kind of customer. The young balsamic vinegars are reccomended to flavor all kind of salads, cooked or grilled vegetables and eggs dishes, the medium aging can be used to enrich every kind of meat or cheese (try few drops of traditional on parmesan flakes!). The balsamic vinegars very aged, as the Traditional guaranteed from the Consorzio%2C can be used like the other balsamic vinegars on salads, meat, or cheese, but also on strawberries, on ice cream or on vanilla ice cream.


For italian and foreing markets, our potential customer can ask directly to the company the name of their area sale agent (if available) or the nearest distributors name.




葡萄酒, 香醋和葡萄醋