<b>Astarte</b> is a utopian dream come true. – We are the ones – our hands and our ideas – who, if possible, make even more beautiful all the wonderful things that nature, in all its forms, gives to us, from the smallest to the most manifest, though a feeling of respect, which we wish to keep alive for our Mother Earth. Since 1989, we have been seeking natural raw materials all over the world to make objects and component parts used to enhance finished products in the sectors of clothing, footwear and leatherwear, fantasy jewellery, bathing costumes and fashion items for the beach, home textiles and embroidered and accessorized products. We also make semi-finished and assembled products for the design, architecture and furnishing industry. We are not importers of warehouse materials, but rather, through our production network, cater for the entire production line, from basic material research, modified through our design of on the basis of specific customer requests, right up to the finished and boxed product.


<b>Objects and projects</b> – All our semi-finished products, component parts and finished products are strictly hand-crafted, under the supervision of experts on each specific and different basic material. Our exclusive production line, within our production network, is able to certify the quality of each production step, from the collection of the raw material right up to customer order delivery, in accordance with the customer’s specific requests. We create and manufacture. on the basis of our own projects and, exclusively, of those of the customer, products, assemblies, jewels and special pieces. The series of products made this way can be packed and managed in terms of logistics for trademark customers, large-scale distribution and retail chains.


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一般服装和成衣, 裘皮,皮具,皮制品帽子,围巾,手套,领带及饰品