Since 1922 we study solutions and technology for the professional cooking industry. A constant growth achieved thanks to men with originals ideas, attentive to technological progress and development of the catering industry. Continuos commercial success has enabled us to become a reference for the market. With more than 75 years of experience Angelo Po produces only professional catering equipment. More than 50.000 square metres dedicated to production allow us to offer a complete range of specific equipment for all requirements of modern professional kitchens. Every Angelo Po product is the result of a certified process in design and manifacturing, thus ensuring a guarantee of quality that only a highly professional company can provide. Angelo Po is today an important industrial group, well known all over the world, with two highly automated production plants with a certified UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system.


The range of our products included:COOKING 1) Junior Line Cooking modular line, 700 mm depth. Great modularity ensured by 54 products. Gas or electric versions available. 2) Alpha Line Cooking modular line, 900 mm depth. Bridge solutions also available. A range of 90 products. Gas or electric versions available. 3) Delta Line Cooking modular line, 900 mm depth, designed for a suspended positioning. A range of 90 products. Gas or electric versions available. OVENS 1) Convection Ovens A complete range of convection gas or electric ovens with humidifier. Capacity from 6 to 24 1/1 G.N. containers. 2) Combi Steamer Ovens Gas or electric combisteamer ovens. Three control panel types for a complete range of 29 models. Capacity: from 4 2/3 G.N. containers to 40 1/1 G.N. containers 3) Salamanders Two models: gas or electric with adjustable heating height system. RIFRIGERATION 1) Refrigerators Choice among 11 stainless steel refrigerator lines, 85 models and among 700 and 800 mm depths. Electronic temperature control. it is possible to choose the interior made of thermoformed plastic material. Capacities may vary from 400 to 1300 lts. 2) Refrigerated Tables Three available lines with 294 models. Wide choice with several refrigerating solutions, cupboards and drawers. Capacity from 250 to 550 lts. 3) Blast Chillers - Freezers More than 20 models for food blast chilling and freezing. Capacity from 10 to 140 kgs/cycle. Electric control panel. 4) Modular Cold Rooms Made with prefabricated panels. Volume from 3 to 20 m³ with 60 and 100 mm wall thicknes 5) Ice Makers Useful for ice cube and ice flake production. Twenty models available. Production: from 22 to 212 kgs/hour. DISHWASHING 1)Glass Washers Three models of turning basket or square basket glass washers with an output of 800/1000 pieces/hour. 2) Front-loading Dishwashers Output from 400 to 800 plates/hour: ten models. Choice among rinse pump models and drain pump models. 3) Side-loading Dishwashers Three models with an output from 800 to 1300 plates/hour. 4) Basket Conveyor Dishwashers A wide range : 36 models. Output from 90 to 260 baskets/hour. Electric or steam functioning. Several accessories available. 5) Flight Type Tunnel Dishwashers More than 20 models with an output up to 9000 plates/hour. Limitless possibilities of personalized layouts according to your requirements. PREPARATION 1)Tables A wide range of tables with dimensions from 600 to 3200 mm. Choice among work tables, cupboards with sliding doors, wall cabinets 2) Sinks With one or two bowls. Available as free-standing or with cabinet and sliding doors. Dimensions from 800 to 2600 mm. 3) Kitchen Machines Meat mincers, slicing machines, cutters, vegetable slicers, multi-purpose mixers, potatoes peelers, for all your preparation needs. SELF-SERVICE 1)Self-Service Two ranges of self-service products. Wide choice of units for all self-service requirements among self-service counters or free-flow units.EXAUST SYSTEM 1) Hoods With Built-In Vacuum System More than 20 models, wall mounted or ceiling mounted, with built-in air extractor. 2) Several dimensions and several filter solutions to meet all exhausting needs, completed with double-skin compensation hoods.


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