ANDREOLI ENGINEERING SRL is the specialist in manufacturing sprayers and multifunction selfpropelled units with high technology for crop protection. Over 40 years ago this family firm introduced on the market trailed and mounted sprayers with continuous progress till early 80s when the introduction of selfpropelled sprayers with an air conditioned and filtered cab for the full protection of the driver and electronic controls for chemichals application, has brought a real revolution in the sector. ANDREOLI ENGINEERING SRL has made of technlogical innovation its way of life, trying to solve the new problems that a specialized agriculture presents to the modern farmer as the protection of the driver, the right application of chemicals and the respect of the environment.


TRAILED SPRAYERS ECO - ECO A.R.I. - TARGET . Type ECO (sucking axial fan), type ECO A.R.I (blowing axial fan), type TARGET (the air conveyor is tower-shaped allowing an aimed application and reducing chemicals loss). Double or triple no-drip nozzles for low, medium, high application rates. Superturn no-stop drawbar. Remote controls.THE SELFPROPELLED ATOM SPRAYERS are the technological answer to allow driver operating in a pressurized, filterd and conditioned cab. The ATOMs design is compact and smooth allowing the use in low and narrow orchards and vineyards where tractors cannot operate. Full instrumention and remote controls. Three models available with the capacities of : 800 - 1000 - 2000 litres.MULTIFUNCTION TRACTORS 1) Rubber track tractors UNI TURBO with small dimensions equipped with hydraulic lift for the use of mounted implements and with a standard PTO at 550 R.P.M. The UNI TURBO hydrostatic unit is powered by a 4 cylinder engine 24,4 Kw (33,2 HP). The forward and steer control is joystick type allowing an extraordinary manoeuvrability (rotation of the unit on its axis). For tran- sport use a box is available with carrying capacity of 600 kg. Dimensions : length 160 cm, width 75 cm, height 103 cm, weight 560 kg. 2) Four wheel drive and steer tractor TRACATOM pressurised cab with carbon filtering and air conditioning. Full instrumentation and remote control, cab heating. Differential axles and hydrostatic control. Hydraulic steer, 4 weel steer, 2 wheel steer or crab steer. Front and rear P.T.O. with electrohydraulic control: front and rear lift with external controls. Engine: John Deere 4500 c.c. 62 Kw (85HP). The total heigth of the TRACATOM is only 1,50 m allowing all the operations under low vegetation, impossible to normal tractors with cab.


Over 60% of the ANDREOLI ENGINEERING SRL output is exported with main destinations in Europe, Far East, Australia, New Zealand ect. with a strong after sale service world-wide.