Advanced Telecom Systems was established on 29 December 1997 by a group of Managers who had acquired their professional experience in the Telecommunications sector, especially in that of measuring instruments for data networks and telephony. Heading the organisation, as Managing Director, is Giordano Bruni, who previously held the same post at Ascom TCS (now Ascom Italia). ATS has offices in Modena and Milan and expects to open another in Rome. The company currently has a staff of 20 people. In December 1999, ATS obtained the certification of its Company Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9002 standard.The ATS mission is to provide solutions and services for testing and controlling the performance and quality of telecommunication networks’. ATS is distributor of technologies for testing telecommunication networks. Its clients include major Italian operators in the sector as well as firms in Industry, Finance and Public Administration. ATS stands out from traditional distribution companies, involved in ‘box moving’, because it has adopted a 'philosophy' that contemplates total Client support, based above all on extensive technical know-how acquired in the field and sustained by continual updating. The company is thus organised to better follow every stage of Client relations, providing, together with products, a complete range of high value added professional services.


PRODUCTS Thanks to a very keen technical background, ATS is able to present extremely advanced-technology products, at the very top of their market brackets. For industry operators, the ATS product catalogue represents a complete and exhaustive source of technologies for analysing and testing telecommunication networks, both in LAN and WAN environments. The flagship products of the ATS range are Spirent Communications SmartBits and Adtech products, load/performance testing generators for IP networks. SmartBits and AX/4000 (made by Adtech Inc.), represent the benchmark technology for testing the performance of IP-based apparatus and networks. Thanks to their modular architecture, SmartBits and Adtech permit creating test platforms for all LAN/WAN technology (Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, SDH, etc.), scalable from one to several hundred ports. With respect to the generation of telephone, analogue or ISDN traffic, the choice falls on Ameritec products, which also feature an innovative system for measuring the quality of end-to-end service of IP voice-over networks. In the field of simulation, ATS offers Emutel appliances, made by Arca Technologies of Ireland, for the simulation of ISDN and analogue networks (BRI and PRI), while it offers the "Cloud" software system and the "Storm" hardware system, made by Shunra Software for the simulation of Wan Tcp-Ip networks. Products continue with the RMON2 Network Management Solution presented by Cisco Systems ( and NetScout Systems (, while as far as the measurement and management of the quality of telephone networks is concerned (including Voice Over IP and GSM networks), the range is completed by the NQMS system made by Consultronics, a complete and scalable platform for creating a voice quality management system for small and large telephone networks. Finally, ATS presents solutions for 'Content Switching' by Top Layer Networks, the first US company to market level-7 switches capable of switching network traffic at application level and at 'wire speed'. SERVICES ATS was the first company in Italy to present performance test and certification services for IP networks, network "fine tuning" consultancy services and for the creation of interoperability or functional test platforms (Voice Over IP, QoS on IP, VLAN networks, etc.). To complete these services, ATS also organises basic-technology courses and basic and advanced technology and product courses.


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