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Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP 12 and 25 years, balsamic vinegar of Modena, sweet and sour sauce based on balsamic vinegar of Modena, balsamic vinegar sauce with vegetables igp


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This Balsamic Vinegar is part of vinegar farm that combines secular experience and tradition, as well as historical barriques (vaselli) among the oldest and historical families of the Province. Particulary Rossi Barattini family (Correggio), Messerotti Benvenuti familiy (Soliera), Aggazzotti Cavazza family (Colombaro ) and Generali family (Modena).

The great-great-grandfather, of actual producer, was Lawyer Francesco Aggazzotti, first mayor of Formigine after Unity of Italy in 1860, which codified the production method, called from all actual producers of Balsamic Vinegar.

Cooked must which result s the product, aged into barriques, comes exclusively from grapes of vine called “Trebbiano of Modena” in Formigine (Modena), of Rossi Barattini family property.
This one maintains taste and quality improved by the family, for one’s private use, during centuries up to nowadays with a short production.

Vinegar farm has regular sanitary authorisation of Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL) and it is member of Producers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Consortiumin Modena, with control of CERMET, Company which certifies the quality.


Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P.

From the very limited quantity of vinegar drawn off each year, two varieties are made avalaible - both in the unmistakable flasks designed by GIORGETTO GIUGIARO

- Affinato (refined: Aged for a minimun of twelve years, recognizable by the ivory colour of the seal.

- Extravecchio (very old): Aged for at least twenty-five years, with a gold seal to distinguish the precious product.

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